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How to Win in Business through (and avoid the pitfalls of) Technological Innovation, Dr. Annabelle Gawer

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Открытый университет Сколково (ОтУС)
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22 июня 2011 c 14:30 до 17:30
Политехнический музей, Новая площадь ¾, подъезд 9, Малая аудитория.

ОтУС представляет открытые лекции профессоров бизнес школы Imperial College London. Лекции на английском языке!

Annabelle Gawer is Assistant Professor in Strategy and Innovation. She teaches business strategy and management of technological innovation on the Executive MBA, the full time MBA, MSc in Management, as well as Executive Education programmes at Imperial College Business School. She is the Editor of the Journal of Strategic Management Education. She is a world-recognized expert and a thought leader in high-tech strategy. 

Annabelle’s main topics of research revolve around "industry platforms".

Watch a short film in which Annabelle Gawer talks about her research on platforms.

The emergence of platforms, — be they used inside firms, across supply-chains, or as building-blocks that act as engines of innovation and redefine industrial architectures, — is a novel phenomenon impacting most industries today, from products to services. Industry platforms such as Microsoft Windows or Google, embedded within industrial ecosystems, have redesigned our industrial landscapes, upset the balance of power between firms, fostered innovation, and raised new questions on competition and innovation. Platforms offer unprecedented opportunities but also new challenges to business managers, but also to scholars and regulators.

Annabelle’s pioneering  research on platform leadership and ecosystem dynamics has led to new understanding of the rules of high-tech industries, ranging from computers and telecoms to electronics. Her first book, Platform Leadership: How Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco Drive Industry Innovation (Harvard Business School Press, 2002), co-authored with MIT Prof. M Cusumano, has become a reference in business and academia, and is having an impact on top-management thinking worldwide. It explains how Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Palm and others have orchestrated ecosystem innovation to support their products — and in the process, established dominant market positions. A Japanese translation was published in 2005.

Annabelle’s new book, Platforms, Markets and Innovation (Edward Elgar, 2009), is an edited volume, and the first book of its kind dedicated to the emerging field of platform research. It presents leading-edge contributions from 24 top international scholars from 19 universities across Europe, the USA, and Asia, from the disciplines of strategy, economics, innovation, organizations studies, and knowledge management. The novel insights assembled in this volume constitute a fundamental step towards an empirically-based, nuanced understanding of the nature of platforms and the implications they hold for the evolution of industrial innovation. Annabelle organized in June 2008 the First International Conference on Platforms, Markets and Innovation at Imperial College London. Watch a film of the Platforms conference.

Annabelle has consulted for and coached top management in major corporations in the US and Europe such as Nokia, Symbian, IBM, SAP, DaimlerChrysler, Ingenico, Gemalto, etc., Through both research and consulting, Annabelle has gained an in depth knowledge of the following industries and sectors: telecoms equipment and services, internet, mobile payment, digital security, enterprise software, consumer electronics, and semiconductors.

Annabelle’s latest research  extends her work on platform issues, examining the emergence of platforms in services in a research project studying IBM and BT. She also continues to explore the nature of technological platforms and their impact on industry dynamics, business strategy, and firm’s organization, in a variety of industries.


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